Here at Clean Therapy Cleaning Services, LLC we understand that every cleaning job is different. What works for some may not work for all. From the complete cleaning package to specific cleaning needs, we can provide the service that you need to get the job done!

Services we offer…

  • Sweeping*
  • Mopping*
  • Vacuuming*
  • Dusting*
  • Windows(Interior)
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Move In/Out Cleaning**
  • Eviction Hauling**
  • Organizing*
  • Base Boards**
  • Wall Cleaning**
  • Oven Cleaning**
  • Kitchen Cabinets(Inside)**
  • Kitchen Cabinets(outside)*
  • Bathrooms*
  • Refrigerators(inside)**

*offered as part of Basic cleaning, can be a la carte. Call for details.

**services offered with Deep Cleaning, can be a la carte. Cal for details.

  • Basic Cleaning
    • a basic cleaning consist of your normal day to day cleaning. This cleaning is most commonly a surface cleaning.
  • Deep Cleaning
    • a cleaning done with a more intense focus on the location. A deep cleaning consist of all basic cleaning services along with other added services.

Commercial Cleaning

  • Janitorial Services-offered to commercial clients which include some items on the residential services list. Janitorial services also includes:
    • trash removal
    • vacuuming
    • windows and door cleaning
    • dusting
    • restrooms

**All commercial jobs are contractual based in lengths starting at 6 months. Please call Clean Therapy Cleaning Services, LLC for details.**