Your Home…Your Family

We all want to feel safe at home. Maintaining and ensuring the cleanliness of our home is very important. Here at Clean Therapy we care about your family as well as your home. Our Residential Cleaning services, offers different levels of cleaning that will meet your cleaning needs as well as any budget!

Living Room: Your living room is considered the main meeting place in your home. Family, friends, even your pets frequent this room for movie nights, a afternoon of reading, or that most needed nap. Let Clean Therapy ensure that this room stays clean and dust free for you and your family.

Bedroom: The bedroom is considered the most sacred room in the home. It holds everything close, near and dear to each customer. With that, you want to make sure that this room stays clear and clean. That’s where Clean Therapy comes in. With our Residential Cleaning Package, the cleanliness of your bedroom becomes our top priority.

Bathroom: Grime and fungus are just some of the things that can take habitation and live in your bathroom. Between your tub, sink, and toilet…it is a perfect breeding ground for all things fungi. Don’t stress about the battle with mold and mildew…that’s our job. The proper care of your bathroom is always included in the Residential Cleaning Package.

Kitchen: Next to the bedroom, the kitchen is the most visited room in the home. Whether it is to get a drink of water…to cooking that family meal, your kitchen needs to stay free and clear of any and all bacteria of any kind. Allow Clean Therapy to come in and create that defense against pesky bacteria!

Your family’s health and safety are your top priority, and ensuring that your home is clean is one way of keeping it safe. With Clean Therapy Cleaning Services’ Residential Package, you do not have to stress…just relax!!